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 Updated on 4/18/16


 All in stock orders placed by Monday at 8AM CST will ship the following day on Tuesday. Orders placed after 8AM CST on Mondays will ship Tuesday of the following week.  If necessary, I will do my best to get something out to you sooner, if it is urgent please send me an email.

All Research (non-hobby certified) products, supplies, components and nozzles must be ordered directly through this site.

All hobby certified hardware, reloads and parts may be purchased directly

or can be ordered through a Loki Research dealer.





NEW 54mm hardware is NOW IN STOCK & shipping.  It is all Hardcoat, Type III anodized.




Seven new reloads have been sent off for certification with Tripoli Motor Testing.

Six of these are 38mm and one is 54mm.

Five of them are shippable with the USPS without Haz-Mat.

One of them is a "K" impulse.

One of them is "M" impulse.

Stay tuned later this month for an official announcement.


Update - Newly certified reloads
2014 wound down with the certification of 8 new reloads from Loki Research, 4 in October and 4 more in December 2014. Included in those were two of the largest 75/76mm motors in their respective propellant class. The M-1969 Spitfire and the M-3464 Loki Blue sit alongside the M-3000 Loki White delivering more Ns of any 3” motor of their propellant type. We saw the Loki Red propellant certified in the 54/1200 and 2000 hardware with very respectable performance. But, most impressive I believe was the addition of two new 38/1200 reloads which hold the #1 and #2 spot for the largest 38mm motors in the hobby market. One of these being the first ever certified 38mm “K” impulse reload, the K-1127 Loki Blue is sure to become a flight line favorite. This pair sits in front of the #3 place holder, the J-1000 Loki White.

For 2015 I have even more exciting news. Loki Research has certified 2 more new 54mm reloads. These two reloads are by far the most impressive performance wise and are guaranteed to enable anyone break their own personal best records, and perhaps the TRA “L” altitude record. They are also the two largest 54mm motors to ever be certified for use by the hobby organizations.

The first is the L-2050 Loki White, designed for the 54/4000 hardware. It delivers an astounding 4,802.4 Ns, burns for almost 2.5 seconds and has a peak thrust of over 700 pounds. In a minimum diameter rocket, it is capable of breaking mach 3 and is unlike anything previously available to the hobby flier in 54mm. The second, and more impressive I think is the L-1040 Loki Red. It delivers a whopping 3,707.8 Ns and is packed into the 54/2800 hardware. This new red reload burns for about 3.65 seconds and has a peak thrust of 320 pounds.  Both of these new reloads utilize the new 54mm Extended Bulkhead, Single use Graphite/Phenolic nozzle, 2-turn internal retaining ring (for the nozzle end) and a "modified" standard snap ring (for the forward end). These components are now listed with various options for the 54/2800 hardware or are available individually or as an Extended Bulkhead Kit.

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